Computer Help Los Angeles provides a wide range of expert IT services to small to medium sized businesses. We consult. We help you plan and execute. We monitor and support your IT infrastructure, remotely and on-site. We give you tools to oversee and manage your network. Whether you wish to outsource your IT needs or have a one-time project in mind, Computer Help Los Angeles is your solution.

Here is how we can help you:

Our Services & Guarantee

  • To have the benefit of lower and predictable IT costs, consider a service-level agreement
  • Request a quote for a flat-fee based project

Proactive Monitoring and Support

  • Reduce your downtime drastically
  • Secure yourself from catastrophic data loss
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Network Security & Support

  • Protect your computers from cyber intrusions,
    viruses, and mal-wares
  • Reduce downtime with proactive (preventive) and onsite support

IT Consulting & Planning

  • Plan for IT infrastructure that will fit your particular needs
  • Reduce computer costs by choosing the right IT products within your budget
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Virtualization Planning & Implementation

  • Virtualization technology is entering the mainstream as companies of all sizes adopt it to run everything from their development and test software to production level applications.


A managed services provider and an IT consultancy


- Fast response time
- Knowledgeable and dependable computer technicians
- Affordable, competitive prices & 100% satisfaction guarantee


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