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Virtualization technology is entering the mainstream as companies of all sizes adopt it to run everything from their development and test software to production level applications. Virtualization technology brings with it a very powerful set of advantages, not the least of which is reduced operating costs.

Just a few of the advantages of virtualization technology are:

  • Consolidation. Combine multiple servers into one and save a bundle in hardware costs, but also advantages in energy efficiency.
  • Energy cost reduction. Keeping your servers in cool environment is absolutely necessary in order to for them to run without the danger of data loss or physical damage due to overheating. The less physical servers you have, the less energy you use to keep them cool at the right temperatures.
  • Space efficiency. With less hardware in use, your server room will be planned and used more effectively.
  • Better utilization of processing power. A single-instance server environment usually runs on 10%-15% capacity. That means your investment in that server is actually idling most of the time. Virtualization technology can turn this completely around.
  • More efficient remote maintenance and support. It is faster and easier to perform a great variety of tasks on virtual servers remotely, so many of the more time consuming IT management jobs  can be significantly improved. You won’t need to wait for a technician to arrive on site to do these jobs.
  • Disaster recovery. A virtual environment can be back up and running within an hour as opposed to the hours or days required of a physical environment.

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Free Virtualization Evaluation

If you are interested in finding out how your company can benefit from virtualization technology, Computer Help Los Angeles will send an expert to your premises for free to evaluate:

  • Hardware – check existing hardware; servers or workstations to see if they could be utilized for virtualization
  • Network – check existing cabling, network switches and network attached devices for compatibility and performance issues with virtualization
  • Applications – check existing, most commonly used applications for compatibility and performance issues with virtualization technology
  • Security – check existing security appliances; firewalls, web and spam filtering devices for virtualization
  • Backup & Recovery System – check existing backup and network attached data storage devices for compatibility and performance issues with virtualization technology

To request a free virtualization evaluation e-mail us or simply call 818-352-8700!


“The transition from physical to virtual servers was seamless and did not interrupt our daily operations”

“We virtualized our physical servers in 2009 as part of a larger project aimed at an overall improvement of our IT infrastructure performance and a further reduction of downtime. Computer Help Los Angeles presented a detailed specification plan that described the full scope of the project and this served to eliminate confusion and establish clear guidelines for all parties involved.

“The transition from physical to virtual servers was seamless and did not interrupt our daily operations. Not only did Computer Help Los Angeles do a great job technically, but also logistically. The communication was always clear and effective and we were kept aware and fully informed on the progress.

“There have been some major benefits as a direct result of our server virtualization. Diagnostics and IT support are now remotely performed and the downtime was indeed significantly reduced. Also, the virtualization allowed the implementation of a backup and replication system with another physical host server that has been set up to act as “ready-to-work” in case anything should happen to the main physical server.

“We are now able to use thin clients to connect to virtual workstations running on one of the virtual host servers. Thin clients are less expensive than actual physical computers and do not require any special maintenance.

“Great job!”

Loraine M. Stern, MD

Loraine M. Stern, MD

Loraine M. Stern, MD, FAAP
Valencia Pediatric Associates


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